Our Team

Shunsuke Sasaki

Shunsuke is a CNRS reseacher developing novel topochemistry of chalcogenides. After finishing his PhD on organic chemistry in Tokyo, he did postdoc on inorganic solid-state chemistry in Nantes and Oxford. In 2022, he came back to IMN and now trying materials design through cutting and connecting covalent bonds in chalcogenides.

Maria Teresa Caldes

Mayte is a CNRS research scientist expertised in crystallography and energy materials. After her PhD and a postdoc about novel cuprates or other transition metal oxides with complex structures, she joined in IMN. Emplying her strong expertise in electron microscopy, she is tackling challenging structure characterizations of functional solid-state materials.

Laurent Cario

Laurent is a CNRS reseach director expertised in design of solid-state materials. After his PhD in Nantes and postdoc in Cornell, he established the new building-block approach to design complex layered materials. Now he is leading Mott-IA project aiming at application of Mott insulator to artificial neural networks and other microelectronic devices.

Isabelle Braems

Isabelle is a CNRS reseach scientist expertised in computational thermodynamics and numerical optimization. After her PhD in guaranteed computations for materials properties and a postdoc in Princeton, she joined in IMN and investigates crystal structure prediction problems, in particular for the design of new layered chalcogenides compounds.

Stéphane Jobic

Stéphane is a CNRS reseach director expertised in optical materials. Since his PhD in Nantes and postdoc in Evanston, he discovered wide range of oxides and chalcogenides, as well as those useful as pigment, photovoltaics etc. Followed by his 20 years as the head of MIOPS group in IMN, now he offiliates as a deputy-director of the institute.

Etienne Janod

Etienne is a CNRS reseach director expertised in quantum materials. After his PhD about cuprate superconductors, he joined in IMN and studied various quantum phenomena in correlated electron systems. Now he is trying to unlock ultrafast dynamics during electronic phase transitions of Mott insulators and finding a way to controll them.